1. …if you’d like to meet me there,
    I’ll be the man in the t-shirt that has an extra sleeve
    in case the third arm I need shows up, because so far,
    I’ve dropped almost everything I’m desperate to hold.
    — Bob Hicok
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    …my only
    cure for the loneliness I go through:
    — Franz Wright
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    The nights are very unclear here.
    But if the moon is full, we know it.
    We feel one thing one minute,
    something else the next.

    Raymond Carver, Romanticism

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    brendenjones asked: Hi John. I was just wondering if you think you'd ever play a show in Las Vegas. I have never had a chance to see you and you are my favorite musician.



    Nevada is one of a very few states we haven’t played yet and the guy who books our shows knows it’s on my list. I would hope/guess it happens in the next year or two. 

    Look, at this. John Darnielle answered me. Thank you, John! And mathofbirds he says in the next year or two. When/if this happens you have to be here for it. We were always meant to see the mountain goats together. You are my best friend and I love you.

    I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Love you too brotha!

  5. You want to hear awful things said to you
    and to admit these things are true.
    You want to have unspeakable acts
    committed against your person, things
    nice people don’t talk about in classrooms.
    You want to tell everything you know
    on Simon Bolivar, on Jorge Luis Borges,
    on yourself most of all.
    You want to implicate everyone in this!
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  8. …Everyone’s phony
    and made up. Everyone’s a monster like me.
    Now I know everyone.
    — Eileen Myles
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    write because
    I would like
    to be used for
    years after
    my death. Not
    only my body
    will be compost
    but the thoughts
    I left during
    my life.
    — Eileen Myles, from “Peanut Butter” (via awritersruminations)
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